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A Collage Ad is an indoor billboard of advertisements. The 20″x 40″ collage of ads is strategically placed in the highest traffic areas of restaurants, pubs & nightclubs in Calgary, Canmore and Banff.

The indoor billboards are placed both in the mens’ and ladies’ restrooms. They are mounted in aluminum frames behind tempered glass. One vertical billboard is placed in each of the ladies’ washroom cubicles and one horizontal billboard is placed above the urinals in each of the mens’ restrooms.

Your customers are in an appropriate mood to receive suggestions, they are a captive audience and they enjoy reading the information provided.

Why Collage Media?

Because it works!

 With Collage Media you are always on page one — directly in front of a captive, receptive audience. We catch your audience when they have nothing else to do, we have their undivided attention, and they actually like the idea. We offer 100% coverage on an average of 6 billboards per location (one in every cubicle in the ladies washrooms and in front of every urinal in the men’s washroom).

Placement is paramount

+ Repetition
+ Targeting
+ Innovation
+ Affordability

No. 1 in Top Of Mind Advertising!

Company Profile


A success story for over 25 years!

As the first company to offer indoor billboards in Canada , we have expanded steadily yet conservatively. We have developed a profile of loyal customers who experience such excellent results that in many cases they have advertised with the company since its inception and continue to advertise to this day!

Collage Media opened its doors in 1984 before anyone else had even considered the concept. We began with four locations in Calgary and have grown to over 100 locations and over 1,000 indoor billboards placed in both city and resort properties. This growth has been steady and calculated, offering our clients only quality establishments to enhance their business.


Partner Properties

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The Ranchmans
The Eden Nightclub
Ironwood Stage & Grill
The Unicorn Classic
The Unicorn Sports Cantina
The Unicorn Celtic Cellar
Stromboli Inn
Red's Diner
Morgan's Pub
Balo Vietnamese Restaurant
Mad Rose Pub
The Smith Restaurant and Bar
Villa Maria
Manie's Greek Cuisine
Laurier Lounge
Loco Lounge and Grill
Toscana Grill
Los Chilitos
Regal Beagle N.
Regal Beagle 17th AVE SW
Regal Beagle Macleod Trail S
Red's in Ramsay
Bull & Finch (Douglasdale)
Trio Café

Canmore & Banff

The Canmore Hotel
The Drake
Gaucho Brazilian BBQ
Hogshead Canmore
Rose & Crown
Tavern 1883
The Wood
Banff Ave Brewing Co.
Hoodoo Lounge
Melissa's Missteak
Melissa's Lounge
Rose & Crown
Bumper's Beef House
The Beaver
The Balkan
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Investment C.P.M.


Average Visits Per Week Per Location


Average Visits To Washroom Per Visitor Per Night


Average Impressions Per Week


Average Impressions Per Month


Total Impressions Per Campaign (6 Months)


Cost Per Thousand Impressions




Because it works!

Audience Profile & Reach


Upwardly Mobile Urbanites. What is it about this valuable target group?

A few numbers:*

Age group30 and up
Average HHI$65,000 + (3250 hrs )
College Education70%
Percent Married43%

When advertising with Collage Media you are predominantly advertising to higher-earning individuals with the time and means to enjoy leisure and entertainment, and a proven desire to do so.


Where does everyone have to go while in a restaurant, bar or lounge? The washroom. It is the only place you are guaranteed to reach your clientele on average over 3 times per visit.

We could put your advertising anywhere in these locations, but… where else do you have someone’s undivided attention?

And where else can you target your advertising specifically by gender?

Present your products to your customers with Collage Media. You’re always on page 1 with your target market, unlike magazines where your ad can be buried anywhere, and people only see it once then throw it away.

People Say… 

 * Figures taken from Statistics Canada Analytical Paper Series No. 32 (2008)

Audience Study

  1. Literally all people who went to the washroom saw the posters and looked upon them with a favourable attitude. This is important as people are in an appropriate mood in which to receive information.
  2. It is estimated by the interviewers that 95% of those who used the washroom thought the posters were effective and in good taste.
  3. 82% of the people who went to the washroom only one time remembered specific items about the posters. (The rate of recall increased with the number of visits.)
  4. Respondents overwhelmingly were in favour of the idea of placing advertising posters in the washroom.
  5. Amongst the respondents almost all the people who visited the washroom noticed the poster.
  6. About 80% of the respondents remembered something specific from at least one ad.
  7. Although the rate of recall involving the percentage of people who noticed the poster was the same for males and females, the women were more specific and noticed more ads on the poster.
  8. Almost all the people who saw the poster thought that this type of advertising is a good idea.

*Research conducted by University of Calgary Department of Marketing Research, 2006

Sample Ads

Product Gallery

Letters of Recommendation

  • gotattless-testimonial


    We have recently opened our GoTattless Tattoo Removal Clinic in Calgary and have been working with Joel At Collage Media for advertising. The ads are well targeted and strategically placed.

    We are extremely pleased as we have had a very large increase (more…)

    Zubin Kothawala
    Owner GoTattless Calgary

  • letter-far_west

    Far West

    Far West has been purchasing advertising space from Collage-Ad for over ten years. The well targeted, strategically placed, advertising has helped us not only with brand name recognition but has also assisted our retail partners and retail outlets with direct sales.


    Michael Wardlow
    Vice President, Far West

  • letter_woodridge


    Woodridge Ford Lincoln has advertised with Collage-Ad Advertising Inc. over the past several years.

    It has proven to be cost-effective, beneficial and has helped with brand name recognition for our company.


    Travis Earle
    General Sales ManagerWoodridge Ford Lincoln

  • letter_laserhair

    Laser Hair Centre

    Laser Hair Centre has advertised with Collage Ad since our start up several years ago.

    We had instant success with the washroom ads and the growh of Collage locations has increased our exposure each year we have been with them.


    Gwenn Molnar RN
    OwnerLaser Hair Centre Inc.

  • letter-collage-ad_media_usa01

    Sunshine Village

    Sunshine Village and myself have worked closely with Joel Gelfand, Collage-Ad for the last 10 years.

    Working with Joel has been very postitive and I feel that Collage-Ad ads are very beneficial and effective at our ski resort.


    John Scurfield
    Sunshine VillageVice President Marketing

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